Hawaii (2012)

Smart Growth America worked with the State of Hawaii in 2012 to understand how transit-oriented development could help the state meet its goals for economic development, quality of life and environmental protection.

Working closely with Governor Neil Abercrombie and his administration, Smart Growth America led a series of meetings between more than 40 state government officials, private sector leaders and non-profit representatives.

“The people of Hawaii now have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage transit-oriented development throughout the islands, including but not limited to The Bus and rail transit on Oahu, but also the Hele-On Bus on the Big Island and the Maui Bus and Kauai Bus,” said Governor Abercrombie. “By planning ahead, we can use TOD as a positive tool to proactively direct growth away from agricultural and conservation lands and lay the groundwork necessary to encourage development where it is most needed and welcome for the next generation.”

The result of the workshops are summarized in Smart Growth America’s final report to the Abercrombie administration.

“State agencies can use proximity to transit to make the public’s access to state services more convenient and economical,” said Governor Abercrombie. “We can make getting to work easier and cheaper for our state employees. We can take advantage of the value transit adds to state property for the benefit of our citizens. This report provides a way forward.”

Update 2013: Governor Abercrombie signed an executive memorandum directing state agencies to include TOD as a component of state agency facility siting and operations.