Attainable Housing & Social Equity Initiative

Across the country, market demand for walkable neighborhoods is driving up the cost of homes and offices. How can communities capitalize on this demand and create great neighborhoods while also remaining attainable and equitable for residents of all income levels?

LOCUS’s Attainable Housing and Social Equity Initiative is a private sector, place-based approach to addressing this challenge. As a neighborhood becomes more walkable, local leaders must take action to help it remain affordable for residents of all income levels. Walkable neighborhoods that lack economic diversity will fail to provide benefits to those who most need them, and fall short of their full economic potential.¬†LOCUS conducts market-based research and analysis to help residents and local leaders make informed decisions, and identifies local policy changes that can support revitalization without displacement.

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The first community LOCUS has worked with is Somerville, MA and its Union Square neighborhood.

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