Past Leadership Award Recipients

Since 2012, LOCUS Developers: Responsible Developers and Investors has presented our National Leadership Awards to developers or investors who demonstrate exemplary commitment to furthering LOCUS’s mission of public leadership and advocacy in support of smart growth development.

Here are the past award recipients:

       2019 National Leadership Awards

      2018 New England Leadership Awards

2018 National Leadership Awards

  • Developer of the Year: Joel Testa, President and Chief Operating Officer, Testa Companies
  • Company of the Year: EYA
  • Richard Baron Affordable Housing Award: Shannon Morgan, Chief Development Officer, Shelborne Development
2017 National Leadership Awards

2016 National Leadership Awards 

2015 National Leadership Awards

2015 New England Leadership Awards

2015 Michigan Leadership Awards

2014 National Leadership Awards

2013 New England Leadership Awards

2012 National Leadership Awards