Partner with us

Partnerships and collaborations drive LOCUS’ impact and influence in smart growth and triple-bottom-line real estate development. LOCUS welcomes values-aligned organizations to partner on technical assistance projects, industry-leading research, and networking opportunities such as LOCUS Link-Ups and Summits. To inquire about potential partnerships and for questions and comments, please contact [email protected].

Technical assistance 

Technical assistance is a core part of LOCUS’ work across the country. With in-house expertise on equitable development, real estate investment, and transit-oriented development strategies, as well as access to insight from industry leaders in the membership, LOCUS works with partners and governmental entities to advance policies that will lead to smart growth. Technical assistance is designed to offer long-term capacity-building opportunities for partners such as local governments, regional planning organizations, and community-based organizations.

Community engagement is a core part of technical assistance, including in-person and virtual workshops and events. Deliverables resulting from technical assistance can include:

  • Technical and community-facing reports and presentations
  • Equitable development strategies or plans
  • Policy toolkits
  • Infographics and visual materials
  • Legislative policy analyses
  • Innovative events and engagement approaches 
  • and case studies of national best practices. 


Technical assistance workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 2018.



Drawing from the insight and perspectives of the industry leadership in the membership, LOCUS produces compelling research on  real estate and land use topics. LOCUS regularly releases new research and quantitative analyses addressing  barriers to smart growth, areas of opportunity, and best practices. Recent research projects include Opportunity Zones and the Great Real Estate Reset. LOCUS research can include:

  • Policy analysis
  • Analysis of industry trends pertaining to smart growth and triple-bottom-line real estate development
  • Quantitative analysis considering municipal fiscal impacts and real estate valuation 
  • Case studies



LOCUS regularly hosts events, including members’ meetings and the LOCUS Summit and contributes to SGA events such as the annual Equity Summit. LOCUS welcomes partners to promote, support or contribute to the strategic direction for these convenings. Events regularly hosted with partners include:

  • LOCUS LinkUps: LOCUS LinkUps are regionally-focused networking events where LOCUS members can explore and learn about new projects or sites poised for TOD and walkable, sustainable development. LinkUps have been hosted in-person and virtually, and can be arranged to coincide with the release of an RFP or other new opportunity, especially when aligned with transit infrastructure. LinkUp events offer one-of-a-kind business development opportunities for members to connect, grow, and diversify their visibility in the real estate and smart growth sector.  While registration for LinkUps is open to interested developers and investors, attendance is free for members of the LOCUS Coalition. Learn more about Link-Ups hosted in Chicago and Michigan.
  • Equity Summit: The Equity Summit is SGA’s annual event, and year-round programming series, focused on advancing equity through smart growth. To learn more about the Summit and partnership opportunities, click here.


LOCUS LinkUp in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 2020.