Complete Streets + COVID-19

Across the country, communities and people are adapting to life amidst COVID-19.

The National Complete Streets Coalition is committed to advancing transportation systems that provide safe access for all users of all ages and abilities. We wanted to share and uplift strategies communities are using to respond to the unique circumstances brought on by this pandemic.

The following map tracks community responses related to Compete Streets and complete communities. Each action is sorted into one of the following categories:

    • Open streets
    • Micromobility
    • Curbside management
    • Emergency bicycle or pedestrian policy
    • Transit operation*
    • Community engagement**
    • Advocacy campaign**
    • Other

* We want to acknowledge that almost every public transportation agency has adjusted its operations in some way. This map only reflects a handful of examples across the U.S.

**Our mapping software only has the capacity to show the top five most common categories in the legend. Currently, community engagement and advocacy campaigns fall under the “Other” designation.

We’ll be updating this map on a regular basis and we encourage you to share what’s happening with transportation in your community in the form below.


Additional Transportation + COVID-19 Resources:

What other resources should we include on this list? Let us know at [email protected].

The CDC released the following guidance documents for transit workers and operators.