Complete Streets policies nationwide

Across the country and on Capitol Hill, Complete Streets policies have been gaining traction as more places realize the benefits of having safe, accessible, and healthy streets in their communities. In total, over 1400 Complete Streets policies have been passed in the United States, including those adopted by 33 state governments, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. This Atlas notes places that have adopted some form of a Complete Streets policy. Full policy implementation requires changes and updates to plans, and processes so that they are aligned with the high-level direction of the policy.

Policy Inventory

Written Complete Streets policies vary in their coverage of all modes and their ability to affect transportation planning and design decisions. Our annual Best Complete Streets Policies report provides detailed information on how existing policies compare to our ten elements of an ideal Complete Streets policy. The report includes examples of policies that do particularly well in meeting the “ideal” and lists the top policies based on jurisdiction and type. The appendix includes detailed information about policies adopted through the end of 2016.
DOWNLOAD: Inventory of all Complete Streets policies (.pdf)(.xlsx(updated monthly)

VISUALIZE: View a progression of Complete Streets policy development between 2006-2016 (.pdf)

Policy Atlas

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