Smart Growth America’s Wayfinders is a movement of Americans fighting for livable places, healthy people, and shared prosperity, for everyone. Through SGA’s Wayfinders, advocates, like you, can gain information, tools, and connect with like-minded individuals to achieve smart growth solutions. Our goal is for you to become a leader, sparking the progress your community needs to grow healthier, more prosperous, and more sustainable, for everyone. Together, we will change the policies and practices that shape how we use our land, create better jobs, and get around our communities. 

Membership is open to both individuals and allied nonprofit organizations.

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Smart Growth America is the country’s only national smart growth advocacy organization, and no one is doing more to empower communities to create livable places, healthy people, and shared prosperity. Our work is fueled by the support of both individual supporters and the organizations in communities across the country who are on the ground fighting for smart growth in their neighborhoods, towns, counties, cities, & states.

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Amendments we’re tracking to the House transportation bill

The INVEST Act could be a turning point for the federal transportation program, almost hitting the mark on our principles for transportation investment. But a few amendments could make—or break—the bill. Stay up to date here.

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Policy to Practice: What does prioritizing pedestrians actually look like?

Join us for a webinar on March 26 to hear how Minneapolis has worked to prioritize pedestrians and advance multimodal transportation through advocacy, policy, and safer street design. This is the latest installment in our monthly webinar series Complete Streets 301: Putting people first.

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