SGA Wayfinders FAQ

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What is Smart Growth America’s Wayfinders program?

Smart Growth America’s (SGA) Wayfinders program is a nationwide advocacy network that connects people and organizations with the information, connections, and tools they need to advocate for, adopt, and implement smart growth solutions in their communities.

What does the SGA Wayfinders program offer?

The Wayfinders program connects advocates with one another across topic or region through the use of a social networking platform. The program also uses in-person and online trainings to discuss trending topics, share experiences, and create best practices for how smart growth solutions can successfully be used to create healthier, more prosperous, and more sustainable communities.

What is a smart growth solution?

A smart growth solution is a change to the government policies and practices that make it difficult to build neighborhoods that create housing we can afford, provide travel options, and locate the schools, grocery stores and churches we need to live healthy, prosperous, and resilient lives.

Who can belong to the Wayfinders program?

SGA’s Wayfinders program reaches individual and organizational advocates all across the country who want to improve how their communities are built and have fun doing it.

What does that mean for SGA’s existing coalition work?

SGA designed the Wayfinders program with our existing coalition partners in mind. Through this new advocacy program, a member of an existing SGA coalition has the ability to tap into new ideas, new networks, and new opportunities.

What does that mean for the membership programs managed by SGA’s other teams?

SGA’s Wayfinders program does not currently have a formal relationship with any other membership program managed through our other teams.

What are the costs and benefits of the new program?

The Wayfinders program charges a small, annual fee to offset the cost of running the new program and creating content for our advocates to use. You can find out more about the benefits and costs of the Wayfinders program HERE.

Are my SGA Wayfinders dues tax-deductible?

Dues paid to Smart Growth America’s Wayfinders program are not tax deductible.

How do I join?

You can sign up for SGA’s Wayfinders program by completing the application here.

Where can I go to find more information?

For additional information on what SGA’s Wayfinders program offers, as well as membership benefits, you can {download this flyer/go to this link}.