Programming note: Capitol Hill hearing today

It’s about to start, but we wanted to let you know that SGA communications director David Goldberg is testifying with several others in front of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming this morning (6/18). The panel of experts will be talking about how better planning, more transit, and increased walkability will help us meet housing demand while slashing our emissions and fuel consumption

Also testifying will be Steve Winkelman of the Center for Clean Air Policy and a co-author of Growing Cooler, as well as Greensburg, Kansas city administrator Steve Hewitt. Greensburg was the town wiped nearly clean off the map in a tornado last year, and they have rebuilt the city using the latest in green design, including the building of a new street grid to increase walkability and acccesibility, thereby reducing car trips.

The hearing starts at 9:30 EDT, and you can find out more information, including the link to watch a webcast live right now, on the committee’s website here.

We’ll have more about the content of the hearing later today or tomorrow.