Request for Proposals: Complete Streets videos

Smart Growth America (SGA) is seeking an experienced videographer to create two videos (one 1-5 minute video, and one 30-60 second short) focusing on the history of Complete Streets work in Wenatchee, WA since passing their Complete Streets policy in 2016.

SGA and the National Complete Streets Coalition provide support, advocacy, and technical assistance for transportation and land use strategies. Proposals should be submitted to Courtney Cole at [email protected] by Friday, March 26.

Project Goals and Scope of Services:

SGA is seeking an individual or a small company that has experience producing short narrative videos, is available to travel to Wenatchee, WA, is comfortable conducting interviews on their own (with logistical support and scripted guidance), can capably shoot compelling b-roll of street scenes to focus on people and infrastructure, can edit the final product, can move quickly and lightly with simple setups, and can create a final product that effectively showcases the success of this community.

Centering on the discrete story of Wenatchee’s pop-up quick build created through their participation in Smart Growth America’s Complete Streets Leadership Academy, the video will showcase what can be accomplished when elected officials, transportation professionals, and community members collaborate.


In partnership with the Washington State Department of Health, Smart Growth America is seeking to tell the story of the Wenatchee, WA quick-build project created as part of SGA’s Complete Street Leadership Academy, keeping the following key points in mind:

  • Explaining the timeline of the project
  • Introducing key players and their role in the project
  • Finding out what the greatest challenges were in getting the project completed
  • Highlighting how the project is impacting the community today

Desired final product

We will work with the selected videographer to create one 1-5 minute video and one 30-60 second video telling the story of the Wenatchee, WA quick build project with the intention of inspiring other communities to work towards similar Complete Streets goals. The video will include interviews with 3-5 community members who were involved in the project as well as relevant B-roll including footage of the quick build project itself and the surrounding area.


Travel will be an essential part of this project. The videographer will need to coordinate their own travel to and from Wenatchee, WA for a full-day video shoot and include all travel costs in their budget. 

Wenatchee is located in north-central Washington State and the nearest airport is Pangborn Memorial Airport which can be reached via connecting flight at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Coordination with Smart Growth America

SGA will identify contacts for interviews, develop scripted questions to ask, and provide an overall desired narrative for each story in advance, which can be developed in cooperation with the videographer (feedback will be welcomed!). 


Strict budget of $10,000 USD which must cover staff time, flights, ground transportation, lodging, and any other expenses related to creating the video.

Elements of the proposal

Please send to [email protected]

  • A short one- or half-page letter describing your approach and interest in the project
  • A draft budget for the project
  • A Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number
  • Some samples of recent work
    • We’d love to see your work that best aligns with our goals for these videos, namely a complex subject rendered clearly and understandably, comparable in length (2-3 minutes), work done for non-profits, etc

Evaluation criteria

SGA is seeking a diverse pool of videographers. Applicants will be selected based on the following desired criteria:

  • Proximity to Wenatchee, WA
  • Cost of services
  • Ability to deliver a quality product on the timeline required
  • Ability to create videos accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Quality of portfolio of videos designed to educate and demonstrate a need for change and/or communicate complex concepts in simple, understandable videos accessible to a wide range of audiences. 
  • Subject matter knowledge, including:
    • Experience working with nonprofits
    • Knowledge of Complete Streets, roadway safety, public engagement, and/or other topics related to the video subject matter
    • Experience creating art that communicates the equity implications of transportation projects and decisions, and that accurately depicts a range of demographics including marginalized communities.
    • Experience working in Washington state


Proposals are due on Friday, March 26, 2023 by 11:59pm ET. SGA will make a selection by March 31, 2023. The project will kick off soon afterward. All videos will be presented to the public before the end of August 2023.

Full and open competition policy

SGA strives to ensure full and open competition, guarantee the objective performance of contracts, and eliminate the possibility for unfair competitive advantages, and therefore SGA uses a competitive process for procurements that exceed $15,000 and procurements subject to federal funding requirements. 

Proposal selection shall be based on overall value to SGA considering responsiveness to the solicitation, price, quality, deadlines of delivery, warranties, accountability and fulfillment of the service, and other relevant factors. SGA will also consider other benefits associated with the procurement in the selection process including but not limited to the opportunity to use small, disadvantaged and minority-owned firms, the opportunity to select procurements that have environmental benefits, the opportunity to support transit and walkable neighborhoods, and other factors that align with SGA’s mission.

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