Request for proposals: Web developer with data visualization experience

Smart Growth America (SGA) and Transportation for America (T4A) are seeking a web developer with significant data visualization experience to build a user-friendly data hub by updating the website so that advocates can better understand how transportation funding is being allocated and spent. This developer may also be retained to facilitate site updates over time. Proposals should be submitted to Eric Cova at [email protected], by Friday, June 7, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST.


The 2012 transportation law gave state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) significantly more flexibility on how they spend federal funds in exchange for modest accountability. FHWA built a performance management website to provide the public with a clear report on the overall conditions of the transportation system, the goals that states were setting for themselves to improve, and the resulting trends. However, FHWA’s resulting system does not have sufficient information to allow advocates to track spending, demonstrate inequities in investments, and hold state DOTs accountable.

To address these shortcomings and provide advocates with useful, actionable information, SGA/T4A will interpret publicly available data, create and design a new dashboard and present it via, and redesign the existing site to support the data hub as the primary destination for our audiences. The updated site will be a useful hub of transportation data that melds our signature reports, such as Repair Priorities and Dangerous by Design, within the context of overall spending economic conditions.

Project Goals

If successful, the new transportation data hub will provide our audience with the data they need to more comprehensively hold transportation decision-makers and elected officials accountable for delivering better outcomes with the billions in transportation spending at the federal and state levels. Ultimately, the goals of this project include:

  1. Designing and deploying a new site that includes transportation performance management data that is clear, compelling, user-friendly, and accessible.
  2. Clearly communicating complicated data to show how federal transportation spending is failing to move the needle on their own stated priorities of economic development, mobility, congestion, access, safety, environment, repair, and others.
  3. Facilitate a transition from static PDF reports to an evergreen hub of data that can be more easily used by advocates and the public.


The selected partner must ensure the final deliverables are fully accessible over a cellular data connection on an internet website compatible with, at a minimum, Microsoft Edge (version New Edge or higher), Firefox (version 114 or higher), Safari (version 16 or higher), and Chrome (version 114 or higher) desktop browsers and a mobile web browser with Webkit layout engine or other comparable mobile web layout Engines.

Public-facing interface of the final deliverables and associated outreach materials must be:

  • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended in 1998 (29 U.S.C. § 794 (d)) compliant;
  • Accessible in Spanish and
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level AA, or its successor, compliant.


Up to $40,000 is budgeted for this contract. Cost will be considered as part of the assessment of proposals. We do not expect to need travel or other reimbursements in this contract.


SGA/T4A will provide the selected contractor with the analysis, branding guidelines, and samples of recent reports. Creative direction in the design and overall product will be the responsibility of the contractor with input and feedback provided by staff at SGA/T4A.

Desired Qualifications

SGA/T4A is seeking a diverse pool of candidates. Black, Indigenous, people of color-led and female creatives are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants will be selected based on the following desired criteria:

  • A proven ability to communicate complex ideas into simple, understandable graphics and visual materials that can be accessible to a wide range of audiences;
  • A proven ability to present data that shows the inequitable distribution of benefits and the impact of government investments in underrepresented communities;
  • A sample of previous work that demonstrates an ability to visually communicate data and technical information clearly and creatively;
  • Subject matter understanding of transportation preferred.

How to submit a proposal

Interested applicants should submit proposals to Eric Cova at [email protected] by Friday, June 7. Proposals should be succinct and include the following:

  • Agency/Company Overview
  • A letter of interest that details how you will meet our objectives and confirms your availability to work on the timeline outlined
  • Details about your team
  • Portfolio including descriptions of recent past development projects (especially from non-profits, advocacy organizations, or other groups in the transportation/Smart Growth space)
  • Scope of your work (research, design, development, post-launch error correction, whether your firm provides ongoing maintenance, etc.)
  • Explanation of your proposed platform/CMS
  • Outline of your website design & development strategy
  • Proposed timeline from kickoff to launch
  • Pricing with optional elements line items
  • List of references
  • Key differentiators
  • Terms & conditions

Proposals will be reviewed after the deadline of Friday, June 7, 2024.

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Smart Growth America (SGA) is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing equitable, sustainable land use, development, and transportation. The organization empowers communities through technical assistance, advocacy, and thought leadership to create livable places, healthy people, and shared prosperity. We work with elected officials at all levels, real estate developers, chambers of commerce, transportation, and urban planning professionals, and residents to improve everyday life for people across the country through better development.

About Transportation for America

Transportation for America, a program of Smart Growth America, is an advocacy organization made up of local, regional, and state leaders who envision a transportation system that safely, affordably, and conveniently connects people of all means and ability to jobs, services, and opportunity through multiple modes of travel.