2017 Federal Financing Toolkit


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July 2017


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2017 Federal Financing Toolkit

Note: The 2017 Federal Financing is no longer for sale, but you can purchase a copy of the updated 2019 Federal Financing Toolkit here.

As demand for smart growth development rises across the country, real estate developers and investors as well as local elected officials are looking for innovative approaches to finance these complex projects. Dozens of federal programs are designed to help, and a new resource from LOCUS provides an overview of all of those programs in one convenient place.

The 2017 Federal Financing Toolkit has been updated and expanded to include 90 federal financing opportunities that are designed to help real estate developers and investors as well as local elected officials achieve their development goals.

The toolkit provides an overview and analysis of programs at over a dozen federal agencies, designed to support new projects related to Brownfields, Community Development, Environment, Housing, Transportation, and Rural Development.

The toolkit is free for LOCUS members. Log in to the Member Resources section of our website to access your copy. The toolkit is also available for non-members at a cost of $60 — sign up to purchase your copy.

The programs outlined in this toolkit could be the key to making your community’s next project a reality. From urban to suburban and rural development projects, the toolkit will help you determine the most appropriate federal financing programs, advance your next smart growth project, and create new business opportunities across the country.

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