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Dangerous by Design 2024

A historic increase in pedestrian deaths from 2020 to 2021 shocked many, but this epidemic continues to get worse. In 2022, the most recent year with complete federal data, the number of people who were struck and killed while walking grew to 7,522, marking a 40-year high. This represents an astonishing 75 percent increase in these deaths since 2010.

As in previous years, we found that not everyone lives and walks with the same risk. Black and Native Americans, older adults, and people walking in low-income communities die at higher rates and face higher levels of risk compared to all Americans. Our nation’s streets are dangerous by design, designed primarily to move cars quickly at the expense of keeping everyone safe. Unfortunately, this crisis will continue to get worse until those in power finally make safety for everyone who uses our roads a top priority.

A bar chart shows an overall upward trend in pedestrian deaths since 2010. U.S. pedestrian deaths reached 4,302 in 2010. They've been above 6,000 since 2016, surpassing 7,300 in 2021 and reaching their highest point since 2010, 7,522, in 2022.

Download the report PDF with the button on this page, and don’t miss the full suite of additional resources, including an interactive map of all fatalities, tables of state and metro data with rankings, and breakdowns by race and income.

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