Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit



Publication Date

July 2015


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Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit

The Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit is a set of practical tools to help communities use a smart growth approach to development. The toolkit is designed to help local leaders untangle the policies and procedures that get in the way of smarter growth and sustainable development.

The tools are designed for communities committed to (or are exploring) smart growth strategies, but which are struggling to implement such policies, build support for them, identify the most problematic policies or other issues that typically accompany changes in development practices.

The full toolkit includes seven components:

  1. Quick Diagnostic
  2. Smart Growth Policy Audit
  3. Smart Growth Code and Zoning Audit
  4. Smart Growth Project Scorecard
  5. Incentives Matrix for Smart Growth Projects
  6. Smart Growth Strategy Builder
  7. Smart Growth Audit Summary

These tools provide a step-by-step guide for how to examine the policies, codes, zoning regulations and development requirements that can impact how a community grows. Each tool may be used independently or in combination with others. These tools are intended to be templates, and can and should be customized for your community’s needs.