Somerville Union Square Briefing Book


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November 2015



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Somerville Union Square Briefing Book

As part of the Attainable Housing and Social Equity Initiative Pilot Program, LOCUS facilitated a discussion with the Union Square Civic Advisory Committee (CAC) with input from local community groups, residents, businesses, and stakeholders in Union Square, including Union Square Neighbors, Union United, Union Square Main Streets, Union Square Station Associates (US2) and others to begin the development of an implementation plan for achieving Union Square’s future economic development and social equity goals. Two key outputs of the implementation plan work are the public benefits agreement and the identification of a place management organization, either existing or to be created.

This briefing book has been put together to summarize the extensive research, planning, and visioning work that has taken place over several years during the process of planning for Union Square’s redevelopment. LOCUS’ goal is to build upon and not duplicate work that has been done to date and to help all participants in the Attainable Housing and Social Equity Initiative Pilot begin with a basic understanding of the issues that will be considered during the strategy process. The assumption is that well-informed participants are required to develop a strategy for Union Square.

Please note: This briefing book is not designed to be an original document. It reflects the work of many other groups and individuals and in many cases is an abbreviated version of the full text in the original documents or websites. More information and the full text of documents can be found by visiting the links associated with each section.