The Best Stimulus for the Money

Are all transportation projects of equal value to long-term economic growth? If not, is it possible to select projects with better return and still move money and employ people in the economy quickly? Smart Growth America commissioned the following papers to answer these questions.

The findings are encouraging. The research shows there is ample opportunity to pursue long-term prosperity through projects that are “shovel ready” — provided we pick the right projects. The research results are doubly encouraging because, though immediate economic needs have taken center stage, transportation’s impact on equity, neighborhoods, energy security, and the environment remains. Real-world results show that transportation projects that help the nation meet these broader challenges are frequently the same projects that deliver the best short-term job production and long term economic returns.

This document is a compilation of ten briefing papers produced by the Metropolitan Research Center at the University of Utah. Topics include: Facilitating economies through stimulus spending, maximizing job creation, and adding value to real estate through stimulus spending.