"Restoring Prosperity" to America's older industrial cities

On the whole, America’s central cities are coming back, with growing employment and increasing numbers of young people, empty-nesters, and others choosing city life. Unfortunately, many cities are lagging behind their peers, especially older industrial communities that are still making the transition from manufacturing-based economies to more knowledge-oriented activities. With more than 16 million people and nearly 9 million jobs, these cities remain a vital part of the economy, particularly in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and New Jersey. And as a new report from The Restoring Prosperity Initiative shows, they have the great old “bones” — waterfront districts, classic neighborhoods, and other assets — that hold tremendous promise in this era of urban revival. A joint project of the Brookings Institution, SGA and other partners, the initiative aims to mobilize governors, legislators and local constituencies behind a coordinated agenda for transforming and reviving the markets of older industrial cities.

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