Safe Streets, Smart Cities Academy FAQ

The National Complete Streets Coalition is now accepting applications for the Safe Streets, Smart Cities Academy, an opportunity for free technical assistance focused on creating safer streets using proven safety countermeasures, creative placemaking, and emerging technologies. We hosted a webinar to answer questions about the Academy and the application process. You can view the recording of the webinar above, access the PDF of the presentation, or read the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to apply for the Safe Streets, Smart Cities Academy?
Complete and submit an application online. Applications are due by Sunday, August 19. Your application must also include a letter of endorsement signed by an elected official.

Who can apply for the Safe Streets, Smart Cities Academy?
Jurisdictions with at least 100,000 residents are eligible to apply. Jurisdictions must also have adopted either a bicycle and pedestrian master plan, Complete Streets or Vision Zero policy, or multimodal design guidelines. Finally, jurisdictions must join the Road to Zero Coalition.

What counts as a jurisdiction?
A jurisdiction must be a single government body. This could mean a city, county, tribal government, or regional planning agency.

Can multiple jurisdictions apply as a group to meet the 100,000 population requirement?
In general, applicants must be single jurisdictions. We recommend small jurisdictions interested in the Safe Streets, Smart Cities Academy apply through their county or regional planning organization. However, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for additional clarification.

If a county or regional agency applies, can they work with multiple jurisdictions?
Yes, but we recommend building your cohort carefully. Remember that you will need to work together to implement a single demonstration project, so when assembling your ten-person team, you may want to focus on just one local member jurisdiction along with county or regional staff.

Who needs to be on the interview the week of September 3rd?
Three members of the cohort must participate in the interview. We recommend that this include the primary contact on the application as well as the highest ranking engineer.

What does the ideal cohort look like?
The cohort should include the people who actually plan, design, and operate your streets, including managerial-level public works professionals, planners, and engineers as well as people who make decisions about funding transportation projects, zoning, and so on. Previous cohorts have also included participants from fire/EMS and law enforcement, public health, transit agencies, universities, and community engagement staff.

Can the cohort include members from community organizations and nonprofits?
Yes, however the majority of the cohort should include staff from the jurisdiction. We recommend no more than two non-staff participants in the ten-person cohort.

Do jurisdictions need to travel to workshops?
Yes, each of the three winning jurisdictions will host one in-person workshop, so winning jurisdictions will participate in one local workshop and travel to two workshops.

Does the Safe Streets, Smart Cities Academy include travel assistance?
Yes, winning jurisdictions will be reimbursed up to $500 per person per trip for travel costs, including flights, taxis, mileage, trains, etc. Winning jurisdictions will also receive reimbursement for up to two dinners per person per trip based on federal per diem guidance, not including alcohol. Smart Growth America will arrange and pay for hotel accommodations for all participants.

Do jurisdictions need to have their demonstration project identified when they apply?
No, we will work with you to identify the site of your demonstration project over the course of the Safe Streets, Smart Cities Academy.

Does the $8k matching grant for the demonstration need to be cash?
No, the matching grant can take the form of in-kind contributions, grants, donated supplies, etc. Winning jurisdictions will need to provide documentation of the matching contribution.

You didn’t answer my question! Where can I go for more information?
Send us an email at [email protected].

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