Showcase your community to developers

At LOCUS LinkUps, smart growth deals between local leaders and real estate developers and investors get done.

The Local Leaders Council and LOCUS, Smart Growth America’s coalition of real estate developers and investors, are teaming up to match local leaders with developers to get smart growth projects built. Strong relationships are key—smart growth-minded local leaders must connect with developers and investors, in the right place, at the right time, to get the ball rolling.

LOCUS LinkUps connect cities and towns who are actively seeking walkable, mixed-use development with real estate developers and investors who are interested in smart growth development opportunities. Through these private networking events, you will have the opportunity to showcase your community’s vision for future development, pitch new opportunities for smart growth development, network with the top real estate CEOs and executives in your region, and share ideas for mutually beneficial smart growth development projects. This can also be an opportunity to solicit feedback from developers before issuing an RFP.

Apply to host a LOCUS LinkUp in your community

LOCUS LinkUps are half-day events hosted in your community. Selected communities will give a presentation to developers followed by a tour of the area. These events are an ongoing benefit and free of charge for Local Leaders Council members.

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