Smart Growth America and National Brownfields Coalition unite to revitalize blighted areas

Longstanding brownfield redevelopment advocates Smart Growth America and the National Brownfields Coalition launch a new alliance today, with the Brownfields Coalition joining Smart Growth America.

As an official coalition of Smart Growth America, the National Brownfields Coalition can now be found at

“The missions of Smart Growth America and the National Brownfields Coalition are intertwined,” said Geoff Anderson, President and CEO of Smart Growth America. “We both understand that brownfield redevelopment is a critical part of fiscally responsible development strategies. Together we will have that much more to offer in terms of experience, technical assistance and the joint pursuit of public policies aimed at reinvigorating neighborhoods across the country.”

As the only national organization dedicated to researching and advocating for smart growth strategies, Smart Growth America’s extensive network and expert staff will offer the National Brownfields Coalition continued support as it seeks to raise awareness about the economic benefits of transforming vacant brownfields into thriving neighborhoods. Likewise, Smart Growth America will benefit from the National Brownfields Coalition’s expertise on federal policies that promote brownfield revitalization and sustainable development.

“Part of the National Brownfields Coalition’s mission is to maximize the connections between brownfields redevelopment, alternative energy and community development financing programs,” said Evans Paull, an experienced advocate of brownfields issues who serves as Executive Director of the National Brownfields Coalition.

“By affiliating with Smart Growth America, the National Brownfields Coalition strengthens its message and enhances its outreach capacity, correctly emphasizing brownfields as a cornerstone for job creation and economic development within existing communities,” said Goldstein Environmental Group President Michael Goldstein. Goldstein serves as an active member of the Coalition’’ Executive Committee and is a founding member of the Brownfields Leadership Circle, which provides the financial backing for the Coalition.

Smart Growth America’s National Brownfields Coalition includes national organizations that represent diverse economic, community, and environmental interests, including: The U.S. Conference of Mayors, Northeast-Midwest Institute, International Economic Development Council, National Association of Development Organizations, The National Conference of Black Mayors, The Real Estate Roundtable, NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals, and many more.

Learn more about Smart Growth America’s National Brownfields Coalition. Click here for more information or add your name to the brownfields mailing list.

Image of the Fairborn-CEMEX town plant redevelopment from the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via Flickr.