Smart Growth America Applauds National Transportation Equity Coalition

As co-chair of the Transportation for America campaign, Smart Growth America is proud to help launch the nation’s leading civil rights, community development, racial justice, economic justice, faith-based, health, housing, labor, environmental justice, tribal, and transportation organizations to create the Equity Caucus at Transportation for America.

Transportation is a crucial part of the path to better opportunities. It connects us to schools, housing, health care, grocery stores, and most importantly jobs. But millions of poor people and people of color live in communities where quality transportation options are unaffordable, unreliable, or nonexistent. This needs to change.

Join us to take a stand for transportation policies that advance economic and social equity in America. Click here to sign the transportation equity pledge.

Each year, the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars on transportation projects. What we build, where we put it, who builds it, how we operate it, what energy powers it — all of these decisions have an enormous impact on our communities, economy, health, and climate. Today our investments have left many Americans behind.

We’re calling for transportation policies that build a nation where all people can participate and prosper. Together, we endorse the following steps to making our transportation system work for everyone:

  • Create affordable transportation options for all people.
  • Ensure fair access to quality jobs, workforce development, and contracting opportunities in the transportation industry.
  • Promote healthy, safe, and inclusive communities.
  • Invest equitably and focus on results.

You can read the full text of our principles here.

Join us in calling for a new direction for our nation’s transportation policy – one that ensures everyone participates and prospers. Sign the pledge and become part of the growing coalition of people fighting for transportation justice across the country.