Smart Growth America's Top 12 of 2012: Creating new reports and resources

Christopher Leinberger, President of LOCUS, presenting new research at George Washington University.

We’re doing a special blog series highlighting some of Smart Growth America’s favorite accomplishments from 2012. This is the third of twelve installments.

In the past year, Smart Growth America has conducted new research and created new resources for our allies in the field.

In March, we released From Vacancy to Vibrancy, a guide to redeveloping underground storage tank sites through area-wide planning. The guide provides an overview of the tools and strategies available to leaders who want to transform vacant properties with hazardous underground storage tanks into economic and community assets, setting the stage for redevelopment and revitalization of brownfields. This guide is a valuable tool for any town or city that is looking to redevelop their vacant brownfields and help their economies and communities thrive.

In September, we released The Innovative DOT, a handbook for state transportation officials. It surveys best practices nationally and takes stock of the ways in which state Departments of Transportation can provide taxpayers and travelers with a better return on their investments and better accessibility to destinations. This handbook is a powerful tool filled with case studies to help state government officials meet their states’ transportation needs without breaking the bank, improving service while making the most of limited funding.

Also in September, Christopher Leinberger, President of LOCUS, released The WalkUP Wake Up Call, new research that shows the nation’s capital as a model for walkable urban places. The report calls for dramatically different approaches to urban design and planning, regulation and financing if cities and towns are to meet the ever increasing demand for walkable development. Leinberger’s report has only served to provide solid evidence for this trend, strengthening the economic argument for smart growth strategies.

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