Smart Growth America's Top 12 of 2012: Teaching communities how to use smart growth strategies

A Complete Streets workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska, in October.

We’re doing a special blog series highlighting some of Smart Growth America’s favorite accomplishments from 2012. This is the ninth of twelve installments.

In 2012, we helped communities across the country learn how to grow smarter through technical assistance workshops on a range of smart growth strategies.

In Eastport, ME, we provided a two day “Cool Planning” workshop in September that focused on helping the community find strategies for reducing its fossil fuel dependency to help Eastport create long-term strategies and bring down heating costs. Eastport’s City Council supports trying out new ideas, and new public-private partnerships are working to help make future development more sustainable. One of the newest partnerships has been with Thermal Efficiency: Eastport, a project focused on wintertime heating issues. Project staff worked with Smart Growth America during the workshop and is in the process of creating a report outlining recommendations for local development that will be submitted to the City.

And in Greer, SC, we led a workshop on “Implementing Transit-Oriented Development.” Transit-oriented development (TOD) means building homes, offices or stores close to public transportation stations. This strategy supports the businesses along the public transportation line, and makes commuting more convenient for residents – even those who don’t ride public transportation. The one-day workshop laid out both the short and long-term benefits such a strategy would bring to Greer’s transportation and planning staff members as well as business and community leaders.

In 2013, we are going to hold 22 more free workshops with communities chosen for their exceptional interest in and need for smart growth tools, as well as for their strong commitment from local business, community and political leaders to implement local smart growth solutions. We look forward to working together to help these places craft effective smart growth solutions.

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