Speaker presentations from the 2017 LOCUS Leadership Summit

Commissioner John Schroer of the Tennessee Department of Transportation was one of the presenters at the 2017 LOCUS Leadership Summit.

The 2017 LOCUS Leadership Summit featured an exceptional group of real estate developers, investors, local elected officials, and transportation professionals who came together to discuss a range of topics affecting walkable, urban development in the United States today.

The Summit’s speakers talked about cutting-edge ideas for public/private partnerships, local and federal policy, place-making benefits, and more. If you are interested in a recap of what got discussed, all of this year’s speaker presentations are below.

Opening Plenary: P3 is for Partnerships, Placemaking, and Policy

From Distressed to Promising: Addressing Today’s Challenges to Neighborhood-level Economic Development and Placemaking

Solving the National Housing Crisis

Transforming Communities Now: The role of Federal Policy on Local Catalytic Development Success

Beyond P3s: How to Make a Project Viable when Public/Private Partnership is not Enough

Are you the next “Amazing Place”? the New Recipe for Economic Development

The New Walkable Suburbs: Transformation to Amenity-Rich Neighborhoods

Five Local Policy Changes to Attract Economic and Equitable Development

From Policy to Implementation: The Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve Affordable TOD

“LOCUS Shark Tank” dealmaking presentations

Thank you so much to all of our speakers for sharing their insights, and to our conference participants for diving in to these important conversations.

The Summit may be over but networking opportunities are still available: keep the conversation going by becoming a LOCUS member today.

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