Complete Streets on a Roll in Michigan

It’s hard to think of Michigan without thinking of the automobile, but the growing Michigan Complete Streets Coalition (now at 70+ members!) is working to change that. With two bills set for a Committee vote today and more and more communities adopting their own policies, the Coalition is helping Michigan be a safer, healthier, and stronger place to live.

Complete Streets

Kudos to LaHood and Support for a New Direction

Last Friday, the National Complete Streets Coalition joined our Coalition partners Transportation for America, America Bikes, and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, along with dozens of other advocates, to personally thank Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood for his support for all modes of transportation. We’re also excited by a more mundane document: the U.S. DOT draft Strategic Plan, which makes adoption of state and local Complete Streets policies one of the Department’s Performance Measures.

Complete Streets

Support the national voice for smart growth in DC

In an economic crisis like the one we face today, it’s more important than ever that people know how smarter growth can save communities – and all of us – money. The federal government decides how billions get spent each year in ways that affect your community. Your support helps Smart Growth America serve as your voice in these national debates. Will you consider supporting Smart Growth America as we work to change federal policy and support the work of similar groups across the country?


We can put thousands back to work quickly and responsibly with smart transportation spending

Investing first in repair and maintenance can prevent another disaster like Minnesota’s I-35W bridge collapse. Tell your Governor to invest in the future with smart, proven, ready-to-go transportation spending. Creative Commons Flickr photo by Poppyseed Bandits. Earlier this week, we highlighted a new Smart Growth America report that details 20 proven and ready-to-go ways for … Continued

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Ask your representative to provide real alternatives to driving & high gas prices

The picture is the same everywhere you look. You’ve been reading it here, in your newspaper, or watching it on the television nearly nonstop for the last few weeks: Gas is expensive, driving is down, transit systems are packed. Here in D.C., people are abandoning their cars and taking Metro in record numbers to save … Continued