Smart Growth News – September 16, 2013

Is Suburban Sprawl on Its Way Back
The New York Times – September 14, 2013
The market isn’t all for smart growth, nor is it all for sprawl,” said Geoff Anderson, the president and chief executive of Smart Growth America. “The thing for the last 50, 60 years has been that we’ve done nothing but sprawl.”

8 Things Your City Should Be Doing to Help You Age Well
The Huffington Post – September 14, 2013
Adopt an “age-in-everything” approach to planning. Redesign street intersections with the safety of older adults in mind. Focus on areas near shops and services and on areas with high rates of pedestrian injuries.

The Nefarious Ways Sprawl Begets Sprawl
The Atlantic Cities – September 13, 2013
Study after study has shown that new road capacity enables and invites new traffic.

Measuring BRT’s Potential to Spur Transit-Oriented Development
Streetsblog Chicago – Setpember 11, 2013
The study found that investments in both BRT and light rail can attract substantial real estate development.


Smart Growth News – September 13, 2013

The Department of Transportation Didn’t Have a Vision for Biking & Walking, So We Suggested One
Alliance for Biking & Walking – September 11, 2013
We urged regulators to implement a Complete Streets approach when designing safety measures.

State Transportation Officials to Amtrak: Finish Funding Deals with States
The Hill – September 12, 2013
“The states recognize the importance of intercity passenger rail service to the people and businesses that depend on the routes, as well as our overall economy,” AASHTO Executive Director Bud Wright said in a statement.

Montana’s ‘Hi-line’ Transit System Finds Success, High Demand In The Rural North
Community Builders – September 4, 2013
Initially, planners projected the intercity bus service would need to provide 2,000 to 4,000 rides a year for residents of the vast, remote and sparsely populated region near the Canadian border. The transit system immediately exceeded those numbers, providing 18,136 rides in its first year of operation.


$10M to Aid City’s Heart Circulation
Warwick Beacon (RI) – September 12, 2013
Reynolds sees the circulator as much more than a series of five roundabouts to replace conventional intersections and a bypass to the village center. She said the $33.5 million project has the potential “for making positive change” and “creating a real heart for the city.”


Smart Growth News – September 12, 2013

Study: Kids Who Live in Walkable Neighborhoods Get More Exercise
Streetsblog DC – September 11, 2013
The research team said developing smart growth communities and retrofitting existing neighborhoods for greater walkability could be key to helping kids get the recommended level of physical activity.

San Jose Knows The Way – Trail Counts Reveal Booming Bike Commute Pattern
Rails to Trails Conservancy – September 10, 2013
In the six years Yves and the city have been counting how many people are using the trails, they’ve recorded steady and significant growth, including a 76 percent increase in morning bike travel during commute hours this past May.

How TIGER Grants Can Transform Smaller American Cities for the Better
Streetsblog DC – September 11, 2013
If change can happen in Lee County, Florida, it can happen anywhere, as long as advocates are organized and persistent, and outlets like TIGER empower local communities to make forward-looking decisions.


Philly Developers Talk Transit Trends
Philly (dot) com – September 11, 2013
“There is no question that properties that have access to more than one form of transportation will perform better through peaks and valleys in economic cycles.”


Smart Growth News – September 11, 2013

Lawmakers Push to Permanently Upgrade Transit’s Second-Class Tax Benefit
Streetsblog DC – September 10, 2013
That’s why Reps. Michael Grimm (R-NY), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), and James McGovern (D-MA) gathered outside the Capitol today to push for their Commuter Parity Act (HR 2288). The bill would make the transit and parking benefits equal on a permanent basis — and would include bike-share as a form of transit.

Nation’s First Rural Bus Rapid Transit System Opens in Colorado
Better Roads – September 9, 2013
The system is the first rural BRT line in nation and will allow commuters in the Glenwood Springs area to travel about 40 miles to Aspen in an hour — half the travel time of a traditional bus.

Transit Agencies Ready to Assist Employers with Workers’ Commuting Needs
Progressive Railroading – September 2013
Many employers, eager to recruit a younger generation of workers to replace retiring baby boomers, are all too ready to hear transit agencies’ marketing pitch.


History, Lessons and Politics: Three Former Governors Gather to Reminisce
Capital Gazette – September 2, 2013
Glendening pursued land-use initiatives and travels internationally to preach controlled growth in countries such as Turkey, as president of the privately funded Smart Growth America.


Smart Growth News – September 10, 2013

Children Who Live in “Smart Growth” Neighborhoods Get 46% More Physical Activity
News Medical – September 10, 2013
Children who live in “smart growth” neighborhoods–developments that are designed to increase walkability and have more parks and green space areas–get 46 percent more moderate or vigorous physical activity than kids who live in conventional neighborhoods, finds a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

A Tax Credit Both Parties Can Get Behind
Roll Call – September 9, 2013
The housing credit promotes job growth, strengthens communities, leverages private capital, encourages federalism, sidesteps bureaucracies and holds stakeholders accountable. If Republicans were to design an affordable housing program from scratch today, it would look like the housing credit.

Despite Scarce Aid for Infrastructure, Biden says East Cost Ports Must Expand
The Miami Herald – September 9, 2013
The TIGER program was created as part of Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus and has continued every year since. The competitive, merit-based grants are popular with mayors and governors across the political spectrum.


Real Estate Survey Shows Broad Support for Biking and Walking Commutes
The Washington Post – September 8, 2013
Respondents to a survey by the local chapter of the Urban Land Institute, an international real estate research group, overwhelmingly said that the region would benefit from more people walking or biking to get to work.


Smart Growth News – September 9, 2013

Dauphin County Hosting Smart Growth Workshop
The Patriot-News (PA) – September 7, 2013
Smart Growth America will send representatives to run a workshop next week with Dauphin County officials, according to a statement from the County Commissioners’ office.

America’s Infrastructure: Ways to Finally get Rolling?
The Seattle Times – September 7, 2013
There’s never been a better time to build the highways, rail lines, bridges, fiber-optic networks and other varieties of infrastructure we need for a successful America.


Time for New Jersey To Be Smarter Than the Storm
New Jersey Future – September 6, 2013
The magnitude of the nearly $25 billion federal Sandy rebuilding aid package allocated to New Jersey offers the state an opportunity to lead the way for how rebuilding can happen both quickly and responsibly.

The DL: Streetcar Nearly Ready to Roll
The Tucson Sentinel (AZ)- September 5, 2013
We’re building the type of city that retains its fundamental culture and values, but is increasingly attractive to a generation can telecommute and isn’t geographically tied to a job, but can choose where they want to live.


Smart Growth News – September 6, 2013

Big Changes are Coming to Conventional Office Buildings
The Los Angeles Times – September 4, 2013
“I don’t think people enjoy commuting two hours each way every day. Young people in particular do not want to sacrifice their lifestyle for their work style.”

TIGER V a Shot in the Arm for Livable Streets in Cities and Small Towns
Streetsblog DC – September 5, 2013
In all five rounds combined, the TIGER program has awarded more than $3.6 billion to 270 projects in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. According to the department, demand for the program has outweighed available funds 32 to 1.

A Win-Win-Win for Affordable Housing
US News & World Report – September 5, 2013
Created as part of the last major tax reform effort in 1986, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) replaced previous policies with a successful private-public partnership that ensures the development of housing for low- and moderate-income Americans.

New Complete Streets Materials Highlight Best Practices, Assist Practitioners
University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies
“The goal was to look at what it takes to move a community from Complete Streets concept to Complete Streets project,” Slotterback says. “We wanted to identify the critical factors that need to be addressed to advance implementation while also acknowledging diverse contexts, goals, and constraints.”


Smart Growth News – September 5, 2013

Glendening Describes Mismatch Between Housing Supply, Demand
The Frederick News-Post – September 5, 2013
The American dream is changing, and community design must keep up with it, former Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening told a Frederick group Wednesday.

Tax Reform Offers Opportunity to Rebalance Housing Policy
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities – September 3, 2013
Lawmakers considering federal tax reform proposals should take this opportunity to rebalance housing subsidies to better align spending with need.

Why Today’s Start-Ups are Choosing Urban Lofts Over Suburban Office Parks
The Atlantic Cities – September 4, 2013
Today, the locus of innovation and entrepreneurship is shifting back to the great urban centers that have served as their true catalysts all along.

Colorado’s Housing at Risk in Federal Tax Reform
The Denver Post – September 4, 2013
America’s main tool for creating affordable housing and the only significant source of new affordable housing supply — the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (housing credit) — is currently under threat as part of federal tax reform.


Smart Growth News – September 4, 2013

Atlanta to Receive $18 Million Grant for BeltLine
Atlanta Daily World – September 3, 2013
“We are extremely grateful to the U.S. DOT for this opportunity to deliver such a significant part of the Atlanta BeltLine in southwest Atlanta years ahead of schedule.”

Nine Days in September: Congress’s Chance to Break the Gridlock
Streetsblog DC – September 3, 2013
Congress is going to have to make some decisions about spending — including transportation spending. In an ideal world, they’d also give some serious thought to passenger rail policy.

Setting Priorities at the DOT
Strong Towns – September 4, 2013
First, XDOT should not be prioritizing projects, it should be prioritizing corridors. Where are the most important and productive places and then what are the transportation corridors that connect them?

Urban Reroute
The Architect’s Newspaper – August 28, 2013
Streetcar, trolley, and rail projects are stirring development in the Midwest.


Smart Growth News – September 3, 2013

Republican Defends Housing Tax Credit
The Columbus Dispatch (OH) – September 1, 2013
Republican U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi warned housing advocates last week that the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit they cherish might be on the chopping block during upcoming budget talks, and they should concentrate on changing the minds of one particular group: Republicans.

“The Missing Metric”
Bacon’s Rebellion (VA) – September 2, 2013
He goes on to suggest that local governments adopt what he terms “the missing metric” — the number of years it takes to pay back a public investment in roads, utilities and public service infrastructure — as a tool for determining the kind of growth a community wants to encourage.

Could Transportation Policy Transform Affordable Housing?
Rooflines – August 28, 2013
The new federal policy is one that, for the first time, provides tangible financial incentives for local communities to preserve affordable housing near planned transit stations and ensure that any new development in these areas includes housing affordable to low- and moderate-income households.

The American Bike-Share Fleet has Doubled Since January
Streetsblog DC – August 30, 2013
By the end of next year, Larsen anticipates the number of shared bikes available to the American public will have doubled again.