Smart Growth News – August 20, 2013

Tax Credits Help Save Low-Income Areas
The Philadelphia Inquirer – August 19, 2013
Unfortunately, these valuable tax incentives may be at risk as Congress works to overhaul the tax code and eliminate deductions and credits.

Sandy Rebuilding Task Force Issues Recommendations
New Jersey Future – August 19, 2013
“Coastal communities need resources to understand more completely the risks they face so they can plan for the long term, with the ultimate goal of moving as many people and resources as possible out of harm’s way.”

These Two Rights Could be Nixed for Homeowners
MainStreet (dot) com – August 19, 2013
The coalition, for instance, recommends eliminating the mortgage interest deduction on second homes. For primary residences it would reduce the maximum debt to which the deduction could be applied to $500,000 from the current $1 million. It also recommends limiting real estate tax deductions for households making more than $100,000 a year.

How Will the New Federal Guidance on Affordable TOD Affect Your Community?
Enterprise – August 19, 2013
What do all of these changes mean for communities that are thinking about starting or expanding their transit systems? Most importantly, it means that regions planning transit projects will need to take a holistic view of the communities they are reaching and plan accordingly.


Smart Growth News – August 19, 2013

500+ Complete Streets Policies in Place, but Not the Most Important One
Streetsblog DC – August 16, 2013
Complete streets policies have passed in 29 states (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), 45 metropolitan planning organizations, 39 counties and 412 cities. That’s pretty good for a movement that started off eight years ago with a goal of policies in five states and 25 communities.

Local Businesses Need Not Fear New Bike Lanes, Study Suggests
Think Progress – August 16, 2013
The construction of the bike lanes had no discernible impact on the Greenwood Ave. district’s sales versus the other areas.

Revitalization Outlook: What Strategies Can Help Make Urban Cores More Vibrant?
Urban Land Institute – August 16, 2013
Members of ULI’s Urban Revitalization Council discuss ways to catalyze investment and development in the urban core, the demographic factors influencing the popularity of urban living, and how different sectors of the real estate market are faring in the urban core.


Letter: Rep. Frank LoBiondo Looks Out for Pedestrian Safety
NJ (dot) com – August 18, 2013

“I would like to thank LoBiondo for co-sponsoring the Safe Streets Act of 2013 (HR2468).”


A clarion call goes unheeded

“All the traditions of our past, all the lessons of our heritage, all the promises of our future point to another path, the path of common purpose and the restoration of American values. That path leads to true freedom for our Nation and ourselves. We can take the first steps down that path as we … Continued


Energy, smart growth, climate change and the 2008 candidates (Part 1)

After watching some of the debates over the last few weeks, and partially inspired by a similar post from Rob Goodspeed on the Planetizen Interchange, I pieced together this very abridged summary of where some of the current candidates stand on some of the environmental, transportation, energy and urban issues that our coalition cares about. … Continued


Katrina: A watershed for a nation and a movement

ed. note: this essay by David Goldberg originally appeared in September 2005. On the second anniversary of Katrina, we remember the storm, its aftermath, the people affected—and ponder the future. There’s something about an event such as Katrina’s devastation of the Gulf coast region that tempts hyperbole. Just as we fell into the habit of … Continued