Active Roadmap Case Study: Erwin, TN

ERWIN’S THRIVING DOWNTOWN ACTIVITY CENTER Location: Erwin, TN Population: 5,910 (2020) Typologies: Retirement, second-home; Traditional main street; Edge Key takeaway: By focusing on attracting investment to its historic downtown, expanding broadband, and improving access to local amenities and commercial areas, Erwin has created a thriving downtown activity center, where residents can safely walk to the … Continued

Complete Streets Rural Development

Erwin, TN: Evolving from railroads to fiber optic cables

Many rural communities in America have been struggling as the economy has changed dramatically over the last few decades, but some of these communities are evolving and finding new ways to adapt. This is a story of how one small mountain town in northeast Tennessee has found new economic opportunity by investing in reliable, high-speed broadband internet to catalyze new growth and development focused in their walkable, historic downtown.

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