We are all weathering the same storm, but in different boats

Although Giving Tuesday usually happens near Thanksgiving, today has been designated as a special #GivingTuesdayNow because of COVID-19. We urge you to continue supporting important local charities and relief efforts in your community. And for those of you who can, we ask you to consider also supporting our work, which we believe is truly more relevant and urgent than ever.


Support strong communities this #GivingTuesday

Investing in better development benefits everyone in a community.

Better development means children can walk to school without fear of being hit by a car.

Better development means more people can reach their jobs quickly, easily and affordably.

Better development means small businesses can thrive downtown, in neighborhoods that form the backbone of America’s regional economies.

This holiday season, take a stand for better development: Donate to Smart Growth America today >>

Today is Giving Tuesday, the unofficial start of the holiday giving season. Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, however, Giving Tuesday is a day to support the causes you believe in.

As a supporter of Smart Growth America, I know how our communities grow is important to you. I hope you’ll take that support to the next level this year and make a donation today.

This Giving Tuesday, support strong communities: Donate >>

You are a crucial part of making neighborhoods across the country stronger, safer and more affordable. Take a stand for these issues and make a donation today.