Smart growth presents opportunities for homebuilders in a struggling housing market

North 14th St. at Crown Square in Old North St. Louis, part of the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group‘s revitalization work in the city. Photo by Old North St. Louis via Flickr.

Rising demand for smart growth development might be a key strategy for turning around the housing industry.

Speaking to Builder magazine earlier this month, Smart Growth America Vice President Ilana Preuss explained that strong demand for walkable neighborhoods is an opportunity home builders can take advantage of.


Smart growth news – July 22, 2011

Expert: Commuter rail will drive development
The Telegraph (Ga.), July 21, 2011
Folks need to re-learn that “transportation drives development,” a nationally renowned transit specialist said Wednesday during a transportation meeting in Macon. “The transportation comes first and it sparks development. … It’s how cities have been built for centuries,” said Chris Leinberger, professor and founding director of the graduate real estate development program at the University of Michigan.

Sale of New Rochelle Site Revives Development Talks
Wall Street Journal, July 20, 2011
Efforts to revive New Rochelle’s downtown have gotten a boost from the sale of a blighted former movie theater to a buyer who plans to rehabilitate the eyesore and, possibly, build an apartment building on the site.

Why Homes in the Exurbs Aren’t Built to Last
D Magazine (Texas), July 20, 2011
The next time you fly into DFW airport, have a look out the window. Somewhere down there—it could be Argyle or Double Oak or anywhere on the periphery of the North Texas sprawl—you’ll see half-built neighborhoods that look as if the assembly line simply stopped rolling. With names like Rambling Meadows, the developments have arbitrarily curved streets lined with tract homes, one after another. Different addresses, same house. What will become of these places in 20 years? How about 50?