What’s Possible: Investing Now for Prosperous, Sustainable Neighborhoods

We’re excited to announce that our President and CEO, Calvin Gladney, has an essay featured in What’s Possible: Investing Now for Prosperous, Sustainable Neighborhoods. This book includes voices from climate, finance, and community leaders who offer actionable solutions that aim to support the transformation of our infrastructure and energy systems to build more resilient, sustainable, and equitable communities across America.

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Global warming and worsening winters

Although climate change is largely bringing a rise in global average temperatures, it also makes local weather patterns, including winter weather, more erratic. Though this past winter was unusually warm, climate change, in some areas, is and will continue to bring more frequent and severe snowfall and extreme temperatures. In order to protect residents, especially … Continued

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Staff spotlight: Toccarra Nicole Thomas, Director of Land Use and Development

Toccarra Nicole Thomas, AICP, joined Smart Growth America as the Director of Land Use and Development in June 2022. She is also the Executive Director at the Form-Based Codes Institute. We talked with her about her personal and professional values and experiences when it comes to racial equity in smart growth as well as her … Continued

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Beyond infrastructure development: Fostering sustainable, urban development in cities across the globe

In a moderated panel discussion, hosted in New Delhi, India, several land use experts brainstormed how governments can advance people-centered communities that include green infrastructure as a central focal point of the community. Additionally, they examined the similarities between developing communities in the Global South and smaller communities in the U.S. Good communities don’t just … Continued

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Inspiring progress: Reimagining development in Vermont

Smart Growth America partnered with Community Workshop LLC to work with Vermont decision makers as they reevaluate and reimagine their state’s Designation Programs. The recent Designation 2050 Design Summit helped advance this project to improve climate resilience and housing affordability. Last month, planners, state and local leaders, and business and property owners came together to … Continued

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Aligned for Affordability: A Roadmap for Local Government Policy and Practice in Northwest Arkansas

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the last two decades, land values and construction costs in Northwest Arkansas have risen steadily, particularly in the four largest cities of Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, and Springdale. Currently, Northwest Arkansas’ population is growing by about 30 people daily. The Northwest Arkansas metropolitan area population is projected to reach 1 million—or nearly double—by … Continued

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Arlington and Missing Middle Housing: Hear from Key Pro-Housing Parties

Zoning is having a moment, and Arlington County joined the party. In response to a severe housing shortage,  pro-housing coalitions across the country are coming together to change zoning laws to allow a diversity of housing options. Last month, Arlington County approved Missing Middle Housing thanks to advocacy from a coalition of pro-housing folks including … Continued

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