An Active Roadmap: Best Practices in Rural Mobility

Rural communities in America vary across many dimensions including population and demographic trends, economic and health indicators, and others. Some communities have continued to thrive with improving quality of life and stable or growing economies, while others have experienced a long and slow decline. What is clear is that there are many strategies, including improving … Continued

Rural Development

Active Roadmap Case Study: Montpelier, VT

CREATING CONNECTIONS IN MONTPELIER, VT Location: Montpelier, VT Population: 7,434 (2020) Typologies: Traditional main street Key takeaway: In small cities and rural areas, the effects of emergency situations like a global pandemic can hit especially hard. Finding ways to connect the community during crisis can be essential for resiliency in rural areas Vermont’s capital city, … Continued

Complete Streets Rural Development

Active Roadmap Case Study: Ruston, LA

QUALITY OF LIFE IS KEY IN RUSTON, LA Location: Ruston, LA Population: 21,987 (2020) Typologies: Retirement, second-home; Traditional main street; College Key takeaway: Ruston is implementing changes to their built environment to encourage walking and to connect their communities. These changes have enabled them, in spite of their distance from a large metropolitan area, to … Continued

Rural Development