Take Action: Help Valley, Alabama redevelop their textile mills

When the Langdale and Riverdale textile mills closed in the 1990’s, the residents of Valley, Alabama, not only lost a major employer. They lost part of their heritage.

For years the mills have stood as a reminder of what the town lost. Residents, however, saw potential for transforming the historic buildings into a vibrant, walkable neighborhood. The City agreed—but industrial contamination stood in their way.

Now, a federal brownfields grant is helping Valley clean up the land and achieve their vision, and a bill in Congress could help towns like Valley achieve similar goals.

Help towns like Valley redevelop brownfields: Send a message to your Senators today.

The Brownfields Utilization, Investment, and Local Development (BUILD) Act of 2013 would help towns and cities across the country clean up contaminated brownfield sites and put them back into productive use.

Valley, Alabama isn’t the only town facing this challenge. There are 450,000 brownfield sites in the United States. Chances are, there’s a brownfield site not far from where you live. That means towns near you could benefit from this bill, as well.

Help towns near you clean up contaminated land: Speak out for the BUILD Act today.

Both chambers of Congress are back in session this week, so now is the time to tell your representatives to make the BUILD Act a priority. 

Help Valley, Alabama, and towns across the country clean up and redevelop contaminated land by speaking out for the BUILD Act today.