Tell us how COVID-19 changed your community’s active transportation

This year impacted our lives in unprecedented ways, and that transformation extended to the design and use of our streets and public spaces. Across the country, the pandemic put a spotlight on the need and demand for streets that support walking, biking and rolling. We want to know more about how this played out across the country! SGA in partnership with CDC’s Active People, Healthy Nation℠ Initiative, is working to compile a field scan/report on how communities across the country responded to COVID with changes to their streets and sidewalks and public space to encourage more active transportation.

  • Do you live in or know about a community in which it became easier to walk, bike and roll during the COVID-19 crisis? 
  • Did your community’s COVID-19 crisis response make it easier to get to key destinations or essential services by walking, biking or rolling?
  • Did everyone benefit from these improvements? Did you see some neighborhoods that benefited less from these improvements than others?
  • Would you choose to make these improvements permanent even after the pandemic? Yes? No? Maybe?

While COVID-19 has undeniably changed the way we do things, not all of it will or should go back to the way things were before. If there are changes that your city, neighborhood, or community have made that affected the way you get around—whether walking, biking, or rolling—we want to hear from you. 

Tell us more using this form. Don’t forget to attach pictures if you have any! You can also email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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