T4America kicks off a new alliance of #CanDoLeaders

Today is the start of a brand new focus for Transportation for America.

Since 2008, T4America has been a leading advocate in Washington for a national investment plan for transportation that matches today’s challenges and opportunities. Smart Growth America is proud to call T4America one of our programs.

Today, T4America is launching the next phase: A new alliance of business, elected, and civic leaders from cities, towns and suburbs across the nation. They know how valuable a robust transportation network is for local economies, and that stronger local economies build a stronger America. They will be there to stand up for local communities as Congress in 2014 addresses the growing hole in the transportation fund and the expiration of last year’s MAP-21 law.

The new alliance kicks off today: Tune in this morning to the live webcast.

T4America is at Washington, DC’s Union Station this morning—a transportation hub just steps from the U.S. Capitol—to talk with some of the nation’s economic development and transportation leaders. Tune in this morning from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST to watch a live webcast of the keynote speakers and panelists, and be sure to join the conversation on Twitter at the hashtag #CanDoLeaders.

Part of today’s kickoff is also a new and improved T4America.org. Visit the new site to explore a wealth of resources. There, you can also watch a new video showcasing the program’s vision, shared by communities around the country, for investment to serve the needs of today’s economy, for people of all wage levels and businesses of all sizes.

Efficient, reliable and safe transportation is a key part of building great neighborhoods, and Smart Growth America is proud of T4America’s role in achieving our mission. We hope you’ll join us in launching this new part of our work.