Three new toolkits for smart growth in rural places



In rural places, a smart growth approach can mean putting a new post office near the elementary school, creating more affordable homes near jobs, or analyzing the long-term financial impact of development decisions.

Three new toolkits designed specifically for leaders in rural areas show how to create and implement public policies that use this approach to development.

Our Community Facilities Location toolkit helps communities make the most of new facilities like hospitals or post offices. Our Well-Placed Affordable Housing toolkit looks at creating centrally located housing infrastructure. And our Fiscal Impact Analysis toolkit looks at how local government can better understand the long-term financial implications of decisions about new development.

The three new toolkits are now available on our website. In addition, tomorrow we’ll be hosting a webinar all about the new toolkits and how to use them. Join us on Thursday, April 27 at 4 PM EDT for this free event:

Join the webinar to hear from me; Geoff Anderson, President and CEO of Smart Growth America; and Parris Glendening, former governor of Maryland and current President of Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute. Together we will discuss Smart Growth America’s work with rural communities and how other places can use these toolkits.

Smart growth policies can help rural places improve life for everyone in their community within limited public budget. Download the new toolkits and join us for the discussion tomorrow to learn more.

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