Top 10 of 2013: Growing our coalition of smart growth real estate developers and investors


This month we’re looking back at some of Smart Growth America’s brightest moments and greatest accomplishments from 2013. Today’s highlight? The work of LOCUS, our coalition of responsible real estate developers and investors.

Thousands of people live and work in the walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods built by LOCUS developers. And since its inception, LOCUS has advocated for state and federal policies that support a diverse array of development strategies.

This year was an exciting one for LOCUS. LOCUS members called on Congress to rethink real estate as part of our Federal Involvement in Real Estate release. The coalition hosted its second annual LOCUS Leadership Summit, which brought together real estate developers from across the country to meet with members of Congress, share ideas and learn from one another in Washington, DC. And the coalition launched new state chapters, among many other accomplishments. The coming year promises to be even more exciting for this innovative group.

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