Top 10 of 2013: Transportation for America launches a new alliance for better transportation investments

One New Vision

This month we’re looking back at some of Smart Growth America’s brightest moments and greatest accomplishments from 2013. Today’s highlight: launching a new alliance of business, elected, and civic leaders committed to better transportation investments.

Since 2008, Transportation for America has been a leading advocate in Washington for a national investment plan for transportation that matches today’s challenges and opportunities. Smart Growth America is proud to call Transportation for America one of our programs.

Last month Transportation for America launched its next phase: A new alliance of business, elected, and civic leaders from cities, towns and suburbs across the nation. A kickoff event in Washington DC, along with a website and visionary video, form the foundation of a new voice in the national transportation debate.

In the coming year, Transportation for America will be there to stand up for local communities as Congress addresses the growing hole in the transportation fund and the expiration of last year’s MAP-21 law. This alliance knows how valuable a robust transportation network is for local economies, and that stronger local economies build a stronger America.

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