Upcoming Webinars: December 2013

Want to learn about new, innovative strategies for creating great places? Several upcoming webinars provide ideas and inspiration for local leaders.

A Conversation with Barbara McCann
December 4, 2013 — 1:15 PM EST
Join the Security and Sustainability Forum to discuss smart urban transportation practices with Barbara McCann, the founding Executive Director of the National Complete Streets Coalition. More than 500 jurisdictions, including more than half the states, have now adopted Complete Streets policies to make streets safe for all users. Register >>

Are ‘Green’ Cities Sustainable?
December 4, 2013
Countries in which many of the “green” cities are located include those with the world’s heaviest ecological footprints. This webinar will explore some reasons for this apparent disconnect between “green” cities and the “bigfoot countries” in which they are located. It will critique the utility of ecological footprint calculation to assess a nation’s “sustainability.” And it will conclude with some contrasting views on how nations and the global community can secure a future in which we earthlings are living within the earth’s capacity to support us. Learn more >>

Tips for Successful Brownfields Grant Proposals
December 4, 2013 — 2:00 PM EST
Join NALGEP, the Center for Creative Land Recycling, and the KSU Technical Assistance to Brownfields Communities Program for a webinar to get the latest advice on preparing a successful application. This webinar will walk listeners through basic (but surprisingly often overlooked) advice for applicants, as well as new changes in grant guidelines, and funding trends. Speakers will provide special tips for small and rural communities and lend their insight into common mistakes and special advantages for these applicants. Register >>

Robust Planning to Support Decision Making
December 4, 2013 — 1:00 PM EST
This webinar will present another option for strategic long-term planning, robust decision making, which assesses the trade-offs between different approaches and helps identify the most ‘robust’ solution. Utility representatives that have used robust decision making techniques will share their insights and experiences. Register >>

Placemaking: Lighter Quicker Cheaper
December 4, 2013 — 2:00 PM
Find out how to take small, incremental, low cost steps to quickly turn your community’s vision into reality and build momentum for further improvements.” Lighter Quicker Cheaper (LQC) is an approach involving several small projects in a neighborhood where, taken together, will make the neighborhood a better place to live, work and play. These hands-on projects can be proposed and finished in months or even weeks and will provide a tangible, welcoming benefit to your community. Register >>

APBP Bikeshare Transit Webinar Series
December 4, 2013 — 3:00 PM
Join APBP for a 3-part webinar series that explores the rapidly evolving domain of bike sharing as bicycle transit in the larger context of transportation planning. Learn more >>

Communications Methods for State and Local Climate and Clean Energy Programs
This December, join the EPA for a three-part webcast series on communications strategies and methods that state and local governments can use to ensure the ongoing success of climate and clean energy programs. The structure of the three webcasts will parallel the general phases of program development and implementation: attracting stakeholder support and participation, sustaining change, and gaining momentum from program successes. Participants will learn how to design communications strategies to engage and empower stakeholders, use communications methods to instigate and sustain behavior change and foster individual and community solutions, and effectively communicate their programs’ successes and resulting benefits to diverse audiences.

  1. Gaining Support and Attracting Participation in Clean Energy Programs through Communication
    December 4, 2013 — 1:00 PM EST
    This first webcast will explore how to gain support from partners (e.g., utilities, nonprofit organizations, community members) and attract participation in climate and clean energy programs. Register >>
  2. The Role of Communication in Ensuring Sustained Behavior Change
    December 11, 2013 — 1:00 PM EST
    The second webinar in the series will explore how communications tools can be used throughout the implementation of climate and clean energy programs to achieve behavior change and ensure sustained, lasting impacts. Register >>
  3. Using Effective Communication to Showcase Program Successes
    December 18, 2013 — 1:00 EST
    The third webinar in this series will explore how communities must publicize the success of their programs to show stakeholders that grants, donations, and other resources have been well spent; encourage ongoing participation and engagement in the program; and foster momentum in achieving clean energy goals. Register >>

Year 2 Talent Dividend Progress Reports
December 6, 2013 — 12:00 PM EST
This webinar from CEOs for Cities will present the year 2 talent dividend progress reports covering the 57 cities participating the the Talent Dividend Prize competition. Register >>

Bayonne Revisited: Water Partnerships One Year Later
December 10, 2013 — 1:00 PM EST
This free, one-hour webinar will describe the progress made since United Water and global investment firm KKR signed a water partnership deal with Bayonne, N.J. in December 2012. This webinar will feature Joseph P. Baumann, Jr., an attorney representing the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority, and Dan Sugarman, vice president of marketing & strategy for United Water. Register >>

The Impact of Federal $s on Transportation Projects: a Local Perspective
December 10, 2013 — 2:00 PM EST
Federal investment on transportation project plays a huge role in how elected officials develop, prioritize, and finance local transportation projects. As money from Washington steadily dwindles, it’s important for local leaders to know exactly the kinds of impact federal dollars have on transportation projects, how they can best leverage this financial resource, and what happens when this money isn’t available to them. This webinar will feature presenters from a variety of community sizes to discuss how they are using federal dollars to create innovative transportation systems that meet the needs of today while planning for tomorrow. Register >>

Optimizing “Rideability” – Intelligent Transportation for the Masses
December 11, 2013 — 2:00 PM EST
How can you gain real-time awareness about current traffic issues? What is the best way to customize transportation solutions? Join Governing and leading transportation experts as we discuss best practices in innovative technology solutions to keep millions of vehicles travelling safely, and get the insights you need to manage traffic effectively. Register >>