Vice-Mayor Anu Natarajan on building better in Fremont, CA

Vice-Mayor Anu Natarajan believes her city of Fremont, CA, can be an economic leader in the region and the country. Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council sat down with Vice-Mayor Natarajan to learn more about her ideas for building on the city’s existing diversity to make Fremont more vibrant and economically competitive.

“In this global environment, where people have the ability to choose where to live, we want people to choose to live in Fremont,” Natarajan says, “because we provide them with the amenities and the options they’re asking for.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Vice-Mayor Natarajan’s vision for Fremont. This video is part of the Local Leaders Council’s “Meet the Experts” video series, which provides information for local leaders interested in learning more about smart growth strategies. Join our mailing list to learn more about the Local Leaders Council.

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