Video: Joe Minicozzi on the fiscal benefits of a revitalized Asheville, NC

Many communities are coming to realize smart growth provides substantial economic benefits in addition to creating great neighborhoods. Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council recently sat down with Joseph Minicozzi, the principal of Urban3, LLC, a private consulting firm specializing in land value economics, property tax analysis and community design, to discuss how some communities are using smart growth strategies to their economic benefit.

“The vibrancy of what’s in the downtown is reflective of what the life is of the community,” Minicozzi says in the video interview above. A healthy downtown offers big financial returns to taxpayers, he goes on to explain, and can bolster the larger regional economy. Minicozzi explains how Asheville, NC’s strong downtown is improving the city and surrounding jurisdictions while reducing local government costs and increasing revenues. Watch the interview to hear how.

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