Video: the phenomenal success of Capital Bikeshare

Washington DC’s Capital Bikeshare has soared in popularity since it started in 2008. The easy-to-use service has gathered 14,000 annual users and over 40,000 day users during that time. The video above from Streetfilms and the National Association of City Transportation Officials discusses how DC-area residents and visitors alike have taken to the service.

Several people in the video discuss the significant benefits the service has brought to businesses in the area. A DC-area commuter talks about how Bikeshare saves her a Metro transfer, and a commuter from New York City talks about using Bikeshare bikes when she’s in town on business. A representative from DC’s Downtown Improvement District talks about how bicycling can improve street life and help support sidewalk cafes and neighborhood stores. And a real estate developer talks about how Bikeshare can help the larger DC economy by improving people’s ability to get around easily:

Any new choices we can bring in to the transportation equation that people have is going to improve mobility for everybody in Washington. So it’s a constructive thing for the economic health of Washington in general.

The phenomenal success of Capital Bikeshare via The Wash Cycle.