"Walkable Living Stories" profiles those living "Car-Lite" in the greater Washington area


Smart Growth America Coalition Member Coalition for Smarter Growth, which works to make the case for smart growth in and around the nation’s capital, recently launched a new feature series “Walkable Living Stories”. The series will profile Washington, DC residents who use a car never or infrequently – a portion of the population that continues to grow.

The trend of opting for a transit-oriented, walkable lifestyle is particularly encouraging when one considers that some District of Columbia policies still favor a car-centric lifestyle. These policies include mandatory parking requirements for new buildings in areas with public transportation options.

“Walkable Living Stories” includes an interactive map of where the Washingtonians profiled are living, ways to get involved in aligning the District’s policies with walkable lifestyles, and a space to submit your own story.

Among the first to be profiled are two Smart Growth America staff members: Neha Bhatt, who lives in the Capitol View neighborhood, and Zach Smith of Fort Totten. Neither owns a car, and both feel satisfied with their array of options for getting to work, the grocery store, and most anywhere else they need to go.