Watch the recorded webinar on development opportunities in Greensboro, NC

Thank you to everyone who joined LOCUS for a live discussion of Development Opportunities in Greensboro, NC on Thursday, October 5, 2017. In case you missed the live event, you can watch the recorded version below:

Here’s a quick overview of why Greensboro, NC is a great investment market for developers and investors like you:

  • Greensboro has a growing population, job and wage growth, and a great quality of life.
  • The city is a regional hub for businesses, sports, culture, and arts.
  • Greensboro makes property development easier, offering a streamlined review and approval process, flexible pre-development meetings, interactive informational databases, and electronic submittal and tracking services.
  • The city has four sites targeted for walkable, urban development. Contact Russ Clegg for more information about these sites.

Interested in investing in Greensboro?

If you enjoyed the webinar and are interested in participating in a local event connecting LOCUS real estate developers with like-minded officials in Greensboro, complete our LOCUS LinkUp survey here.

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