Watch the recorded webinar on LOCUS’ Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods campaign

Yesterday, LOCUS kicked off the second year of its Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods campaign. Launched last November, the campaign is bringing together the nation’s top real estate developers, investors, community leaders, and elected officials to shape federal and local policies that encourage private sector investment in sustainable, equitable, and walkable neighborhoods.

You are invited to join us. By joining the Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods campaign, you will become a key member of a diverse network of real estate professionals working tirelessly to protect the future of America’s walkable cities and towns. As part of the campaign, you will:

  • Use industry experience and expertise to transform real estate policy at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Leverage national network connections to maximize private real estate development and investment in America’s cities and towns.
  • Participate in the upcoming federal budgeting and appropriations process.
  • Have a voice in shaping the next infrastructure and transportation reauthorization act; and more.

Please join LOCUS this year as we continue the fight to Rebuild America’s Neighborhoods. Joining the campaign is easy, just click the button below!

Thank you for your contribution and support.

Click here to view the webinar presentation materials.