We want to see what your streets look like

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. 

So we’re asking you to show us your dangerous streets (or ones that have been designed safely!)

With the latest report of Dangerous by Design coming out this summer, we want to see what the roads look like outside of your home — are they stroads? Have safe crossings? Bike lanes non-existent? What about it makes you feel safe or unsafe? 

Take a video or photo of the place you live or work and share it with us. 

We found in our last Dangerous by Design report that during the last ten years, 53,435 people were hit and killed by drivers. Why is this happening? Because state and local transportation agencies place a higher value on speed (and avoiding delay) than they do on safety. It’s simply not possible to prioritize both. When faced with decisions that would elevate and prioritize safety for people walking but increase delay for vehicles, the decision-makers’ true priorities are laid bare: vehicles are more important than pedestrians. 

But that shouldn’t be the case — so we’re collecting YOUR stories and point-of-view from where you live. 

Take a video of the place where you cross the street and feel anxious. 

Take a picture of the slip lane where you almost get hit daily. 

Take a video of the bump outs that slow down traffic.

Take a picture of good examples of vibrant crosswalks you use. 

Whatever your streets look like, we want to see them!










How to take a good video: 

  • Make sure your camera is turned horizontal — these look better on most social platforms
  • Be the narrator! Tell us where you are + why you chose this spot
  • Videos that are 30 seconds or less are best — after that, our brains tend to go elsewhere (if not earlier). Images that show people are best for helping others understand scale!
  • Post to Twitter, tagging @SmartGrowthUSA and/or using the hashtag #DangerousByDesign

Psssst — if you don’t have Twitter, email the image or video to us at [email protected] with your name and city, and we’ll upload it with credit.  

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