Welcome to the coalition: Madison Area Bus Advocates

Smart Growth America is proud to welcome Madison Area Bus Advocates to our coalition of state and national allied organizations.

Madison Area Bus Advocates works for an expanded and improved urban and regional bus system to serve more people, places, and trips throughout the greater Madison, WI area. The organization is a diverse group of bus users and friends who believe that good public transit supports the dignity and freedom of all individuals, creates an open, hospitable and welcoming community, respects the environment, opens economic opportunity to all and moves people to where they need to go. A variety of transportation options – including good bus service – needs to be available in the greater Madison area so people and businesses can choose a transportation mode that considers convenience, time, health, safety and cost. We want an expanded and improved regional transit system that includes better transit options within the city of Madison itself.

To achieve these goals, the organization’s work includes:

  • Researching issues of bus system finance, fuel-efficiency, technology, regulation, and successful transit practices elsewhere;
  • Educating the community and its leaders about the value of good bus service, about strategies for improving bus service, and about local transit policies and plans;
  • Partnering with local environmental, neighborhood, business, and civic groups to advance a strong pro-bus agenda;
  • Providing an organized pro-bus citizen voice in public arenas where bus policy is set.

Madison Area Bus Advocates continues to press for a better bus system and encourages all Madison-area residents to join in their efforts to improve the community. To learn more about their work, visit http://www.busadvocates.org/.

Photo by Jim Simonson, via Flickr.