Welcome to USDOT, Secretary Chao

Yesterday, the Senate voted to confirm Elaine Chao as the next Secretary of Transportation.

To Secretary Chao we say congratulations. America’s transportation system is a key part of our economy and our communities, and in your new position you have a unique and valuable opportunity to improve this country.

Chao already has experience running a federal agency, and has made clear that safety will be a priority for her time as transportation secretary. We think that’s fantastic—especially if she means making streets safer for people walking and biking.

We’re sending a letter to introduce ourselves to Secretary Chao, and to encourage her to make streets safer for everyone no matter their age, ability, race, income, or how they chose to travel. Will you add your name?

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Each year thousands of people are struck and killed by cars while walking along America’s streets. People of color and older adults are disproportionately represented among these deaths, and fatal collisions are more likely to occur in low-income neighborhoods. This epidemic deserve clear and immediate attention.

We want Secretary Chao to know we’ve been working for safer streets for years, and will keep working for years to come. Making streets safer is a team effort — add your name to our letter to let Chao know we’re looking forward to working together.

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