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Solving huge challenges like building great places, climate change, providing affordable housing, sustaining vibrant local economies, or affordably connecting people to jobs and services requires an interdisciplinary approach across a span of interrelated areas: housing, zoning, planning, land use, economic development, transportation, and others. Our diverse staff of experts, arranged across these three teams but working together, has the expertise required to tackle them all.

Learn more about our three-team approach to work and some of the programs and initiatives that live under the Smart Growth America umbrella, all working in service of the same ultimate goals.

Land use and Development

A national coalition of real estate developers and investors who advocate for sustainable, equitable, walkable development in America’s metropolitan areas.

Form-Based Codes Institute ››
Our Form-Based Codes Institute offers classes, technical assistance and other resources to communities and professionals interested in learning about form-based zoning codes—the regulatory framework for mixed-use, walkable urbanism.

National Brownfields Coalition ››
The National Brownfields Coalition works to ensure the responsible cleanup and reuse of underutilized, blighted, or environmentally impacted land. SGA jointly manages this program with the Center for Creative Land Recycling.

Economic Development

Our economic development team at Smart Growth America promotes smart growth through a place-based approach that uses data-driven analysis to show how smart growth is the key to both fiscal health and social equity.

This team’s work often forms the foundation of our nationally-recognized reports and analyses and they’re on the front line of our work equipping local leaders with the right data to make smart decisions about what to build and where. This post is a great introduction to what we believe about smart growth and economic development.

Rural Development ››
Designed to help local leaders strengthen rural economies through a smart growth approach to development. We provide rural residents and leaders with better information about the financial and economic impacts of development choices.

Transportation and Thriving Communities

Transportation for America ››
Our signature transportation advocacy program, Transportation for America is made up of local, regional and state leaders who envision a transportation system that safely, affordably and conveniently connects people of all means and ability to jobs, services, and opportunity through multiple modes of travel.

National Complete Streets Coalition ››
The Coalition promotes the development and implementation of Complete Streets policies and professional practices that ensure streets are safe for people of all ages and abilities, balance the needs of different modes, and support local land uses, economies, cultures, and natural environments.

Arts & Culture ››
Our small team of experts help advance arts and culture as an organizing force for residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to work towards strengthening neighborhoods, by revealing the authentic character of communities, and by connecting citizens with decision makers to collectively pursue smart, equitable policies and projects.

State Smart Transportation Initiative ››
The State Smart Transportation Initiative works with governors, state DOT CEOs, and other transportation stakeholders to promote transportation practices that advance environmental sustainability and equitable economic development, while maintaining high standards of governmental efficiency and transparency.

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