Where roads are dangerous by design

Pedestrian safety is too often overlooked. Photos via Seattle DOT and SvR Design.

Every day, in communities across the country, people are killed while walking to school, to work or to the store. Many of these lives could be saved by building and operating streets that work for everyone who uses them.

On Tuesday, May 20, Smart Growth America’s National Complete Streets Coalition will release Dangerous by Design 2014, a report that brings attention to the national epidemic of pedestrian fatalities and the decades-long neglect of pedestrian safety.

The 2014 edition will rank the country’s major metropolitan areas using a Pedestrian Danger Index, which assesses the likelihood that a person walking will be hit by a driver of a vehicle, and by looking at the overall percentage of traffic deaths suffered by people walking. In addition, it will make specific recommendations at the national and state levels to improve safety, including Complete Streets practices that ensure streets are built and operated for the safety of all road users.

Join us for the launch of Dangerous By Design 2014. Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition will hold an online discussion to review the findings of the new report and to discuss how communities are working to make roads safer for pedestrians. Join us for this free panel discussion on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT.

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The panel will include representatives from the National Complete Streets Coalition, community leaders, and design professionals. When our community works together and invests in safe streets for everyone, we can save lives.

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Members of the press will be invited to a press-only briefing on Monday, May 19.

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